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Mahdi Ehsaei

Born in Germany to Iranian parents, Mahdi Ehsaei (b. 1989) is no stranger to living life between different cultures and navigating his dual heritage identity within these worlds. He is a graduated designer and photographer from the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany. For his work on Afro-Iranians he set out to shed some light and visually document a community of people that, like him, represented the complexities of their own hyphenated identities, using his passion for photography. Go to his website to learn more.

Reportagen von Mahdi Ehsaei

  • Die Afro-Iraner - In den südlichen Provinzen des Iran leben auch Menschen mit afrikanischen Wurzeln. Die afro-iranische Minderheit bewahrt bis heute afrikanische Traditionen. Der Fotograf Mahdi Ehsaei hat einige Iraner*innen mit afrikanischen Vorfahren getroffen. Unsere Autorin Delia Friess hat ihn zu seiner Arbeit befragt.

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